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Customer Service
What has set us apart for more than 60 years is customer service. Our knowledgeable sales staff can provide the answers you need to find the right product for your application, your availability requirements and your budget. Through our active industry involvement we keep up to date on products and vendors that will best serve the needs of our customers.
We select our vendors based on their consistent quality, competitive pricing, strong inventory practices and determined customer support. Over the years, our vendors have changed but our quality standards have always remained high and that will never change.
Pricing / Sourcing
We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing. The majority of our products are domestically produced, we do sell a few imported products that are not available domestically or are a great combination of quality & price. We sell quality products at a fair price.
We service our local market with our fleet of trucks. We deliver regionally and nationally with our transportation network or through direct shipment from the manufacturer.   
Multiple warehouse locations and years of sales experience allow us to maintain an inventory of the products most frequently requested by our customers.
Providing expert solutions since 1947